Epi Service

Ganwafer a leading epitaxy foundry of epi wafer and material solutions focuses on epitaxial growth services for semiconductor manufacturing. We design structures for epitaxial growth and manufacture of compound semiconductor epitaxial wafers. Our epi services are used in electronic and photonic device. As for epitaxial process, we provide III-V Epi service (such as RF epitaxial wafer and Photonics epitaxial wafer) based on GaAs Substrate, InP substrate, GaSb Substrate, InAs Substrate, InSb substrate, or in different types of epi on bare substrates with buried layers by MBE or MOCVD. Our excellent epitaxial technologies deliver low to a high concentration for both n-type and p-type, superior specification epi for R&D, and epi specified for mass production.

Our III-V epitaxial semiconductor with homoepitaxy and heteroepitaxy by MOCVD, MBE or CVD epitaxial deposition technologies, including SiC on SiC, GaN on silicon/SiC/sapphire, and III-V epitaxy on GaAs/InP/InAs/GaSb/Silicon. And the III-V wafer sizes based on our epitaxy processing services can reach 50.8mm, 76.2mm, 100mm, 150mm, and 200mm.

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