Ganwafer possesses a strong technical R&D team, constantly improving the quality of existing wafers, like SiC, GaN and III-V compound, and developing latest material and devices as per the market.

Semiconductor Wafer Technology At Ganwafer

As a condensed matter physics research center and a leading manufacturer of compound semiconductor material in China, Ganwafer, we specialize in creating cutting-edge crystal growth and epitaxy technologies.

A wafer stands for a thin slice of a semiconductor such as SiC or GaN Wafer which is especially utilized for the fabrication of integrated circuits to manufacture high power device or RF device.

Our Wafer Category

As a leading research and manufacturing company, we are dedicated to research and create CZ silicon wafer and ingot since1990, and then develop second generation GaAs and InP wafer and the third generation SiC and GaN wafer since 2004. Therefore our wafer range from SiC/GaN wafer, III-V wafer and silicon wafer, including substrate and epitaxy.

Why Choose Us


In order to get the most efficient services, you need to hire a professional and highly skilled compound semiconductor material manufacturing company. This is where Ganwafer plays a significant role that concentrates on superior systems, unconventional engineering design, and practical research.

You must aware that semiconductor wafers are the most important part of the manufacturing procedure of our most usually used electronic devices. It helps the circuits of various electronic devices run smoothly and affect yield rate. As a knowledge and technology-intensive enterprise, we are specializing in the research and production of compound semiconductor wafers. We offer compound semiconductor material integrating semiconductor crystal growth, process development, and epitaxy. If you are seeking high-quality, proficiently made wafer products, then we are just a phone call away from your home. Call us today without any hesitation.

Reliable Quality

Offering premium quality is our top concern. Ganwafer has been ISO9001:2015, owns and shares four modern foundries that able to deliver a range of industry-standard products with utmost quality. We ensure that our produced advanced wafer will meet clients’ needs, specifications, and budgets. We have been operating in this industry for many years that makes us stand out from the market. Each process of wafer manufacturing will be handled through our severe quality system. You can expect test reports for each shipment and each wafer are warranty.

25+ Years Experiences

Backed by +25 experience in a semiconductor material, Ganwafer deliver the most advanced wafer technology consultant service. We have the expertise in dealing with knowledge from the substrate, epitaxy to the device as well as our expert team can effectively produce qualified substrate for you when it comes to using for expitaxy or other application. No matter what the device requires, we have got you covered with the appropriate wafer structure.

Good Sales Service

We understand that the requirements and specifications will vary with different clients and also the project size will vary. Do not bother at all! We are here to help you. We are capable enough to meet all of your requirements. Customers are free to ask their queries whatever they want to consult with our expert sales team. We ensure sustained and profitable growth for every customer, industry-standard products, and superior customer service.

Free And Professional Technology Support

Our 25+ years of experience in the semiconductor line ensure that you will receive our free and expert-level technology service from enquiry to after service.

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Ganwafer is a top-class enterprise for compound semiconductor material integrating semiconductor crystal growth, process development, and epitaxy.

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