Silicon Wafer

As a basic semiconductor substrate, monocrystalline silicon (Si) wafers provided by Ganwafer have high standards of purity, surface flatness, cleanliness, and impurity contamination in order to maintain the original designed functions of the chip. Specifically as follows:

1) Si wafer crystal purity and defect-free structure: The purity of our semiconductor single crystal Si wafer is required to be above 99.999999999%, and the bare Si wafer is composed of silicon single crystals. The silicon structure is similar to that of diamonds;

2) Surface cleanliness of pure silicon wafer: the surface particle size of silicon wafer substrate can reach the nanometer level, and the microparticles on the thin silicon wafer used in the advanced process are less than 1nm;

3) Surface flatness of Si wafer substrate: The surface height difference is less than 1nm;

4) No impurity pollution: The surface impurity content on silicon wafers for sale is less than one ten billionth, and the parameter control requirements are higher with the advancement of manufacturing processes.

There are many types of Si wafer. From the perspective of the production capacity of silicon wafer supplier, single crystal silicon wafers can be divided into three types according to their diameters: 6 inch and below (150mm and below), 8 inches (200mm) and 12 inches (300mm).

Among them, 12-inch silicon wafer is usually used in advanced manufacturing processes for integrated circuits below 90nm: involving high-end fields such as logic chips (CPU, GPU), memory chips, FPGAs and ASICs. Market demand has benefited from the demand for technological upgrading of terminal semiconductor products such as smartphones, computers, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence.

8 inch silicon wafer is usually used in special processes from 90nm to micrometers: involving power devices, power management devices, MEMS, display drivers and fingerprint recognition chips. In the future, market demand in applications such as the Internet of things and automotive electronics will increase, which will promote the continuous expansion of the Si wafer market.

6 inch Si wafer is usually used in the 0.35-1.2 micron process: involving power devices, discrete devices and other fields.

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