GaN Wafer

Ganwafer offers N-type, P-type, and semi-insulating gallium nitride substrate, template and gallium nitride epitaxial wafer for HEMT with low marco defect density and dislocation density.

Ganwafer is a leading gallium nitride semiconductor manufacturer that offers wafers in different thicknesses and orientations with polished or unpolished sides and can comprise dopants. Gallium nitride is a wideband gap material that provides higher efficiency and power density than conventional semiconductors at the device level. The benefits include converting into size reduction, less power consumption, and affordable cost.

With the advent of epitaxial technology, gallium nitride on silicon wafer, sapphire wafer or SiC wafer is a complex multi-layer structure grown through epitaxy. Gallium nitride thin film is widely used to produce electronic devices demonstrating superior performance, including LED, LD, or other application. Our product ranges from Freestanding GaN Substrate, GaN template on sapphire/SiC/silicon, GaN HEMT on sapphire/SiC/silicon, to GaN-based LED epitaxial wafer.

GaN wafer crystallized from a liquid-phase equilibrium system that shows its great crystallinity with few dislocations. The output and efficiency of different products manufactured using these gallium nitride wafers.

Owing to its low impurity content, GaN wafers provide low light absorption factors and great transparency that helps to improve the output.

For our gallium nitride wafer market, we concern about client specifications. We also cover custom arrangements for commercial and research applications and new exclusive technologies. As a reliable gallium nitride wafer supplier, we deliver typical and custom packaging. You can contact us for more information.

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