Ganwafer has accumulated unprecedented professional knowledge and expertise in the development and manufacturing of semiconductor material since 1990. In addition, we possess comprehensive technology and advanced production platform, which creates a great competitive advantage in offering premium semiconductor wafers and custom service.

Service Capacity

  • We can provide researchers and corporate users with various semiconductor single crystals, wafer substrates, epitaxial wafers or technical consultation;
  • We can offer wafer processing services, including wafer dicing service, wafer polishing service, wafer etching service, wafer test service and more;
  • We can do custom specs (such as III-V epi wafer) in small quantities to meet customers’ needs and budgets;
  • Cutting-edge technology and rich experience enable us to better answer various questions from customers.

Technical Support

  • Wafer epitaxy for different devices (e.g. SiC on SiC, AlN/GaN HEMT regrowth);
  • Various researches for SiC, GaN or III-V in different application such as mechanical, optical, electronic fields;
  • RF/power application support;
  • LED application support;
  • HEMT wafer application support;
  • Wafer application for high-temperature device and optoelectronic devices.

Serving as a semiconductor material solution supplier, our service ability and expertise have been favored by customers. Our diversified product lines with strict quality control make us able to establish relationships with academic universities and research institutions at home and abroad. No matter what device you need to fabricate, we can provide customers with the most suitable semiconductor wafer.

We continuously increase product portfolio, aiming to provide clients with a wide range choice for applications and more things. Meanwhile, our expert team focuses on offering high quality solutions, especially in SiC, GaN and III-V group semiconductor materials, for your applications.