Ganwafer is a leading enterprise for compound semiconductor material integrating semiconductor crystal growth, process development, and epitaxy. We cover custom arrangements for commercial and research applications and new exclusive technologies.

EPI service- As one of the largest epitaxy foundry, we cover a wide range of EPI services that deliver low to a high concentration for both n-type and p-type, superior specification epi for R&D, and epi specified for mass production. We are always active to respond our client’s queries. We offer that includes III V Epi service based on GaAs Substrate, InP substrate, GaSb Substrate, InAs Substrate, and InSb substrate, in different types of epi wafer by MBE or MOCVD.

GaN wafer- We offer N-type, p-type, and semi-insulating gallium nitride substrate and template or GaN epi wafer for HEMT or LED with low Marco Defect Density and Dislocation Density. They are extensively utilized to manufacture electronic devices demonstrating superior performance, including LED, LD, or other application. They offer low light absorption factors and great transparency.

SiC wafer- With the help of our best SiC crystal growth technology and SiC crystal wafer processing technology We offer semiconductor SiC wafer Substrate, 6H SiC, and 4H SiC (Silicon Carbide) in different quality grades for researchers and industry manufacturers. Our SiC wafers are suitable for high temperature and high power device applications.

Semiconductor wafers -We provide semiconductor materials, Ge(Germanium) Single Crystals, and Wafers grown by VGF / LEC. We ensure complete client satisfaction. You can find it an ASIC or an IC in every electronic device and widely used for manufacturing electronic chips.

Silicon Wafer and wafer fabrication- It plays a major role in manufacturing semiconductors that you can find in all sorts of electronic devices. Our Silicon wafers are used for various applications such as electronic devices, manufacturing of chips and microchips in electronic gadgets, making ICs, for semiconductor gadgets, and a wide range of technological progressions.