LED Epi Wafer

GaN LED wafer na prodej je epitaxně pěstován na safíru a křemíku. Kromě toho můžeme nabídnout LED epitaxi na substrátu arsenidu galia (GaAs).

Ganwafer is one of leading LED Wafer Manufacturers that offers wafers that can be in different thicknesses and orientations with polished or unpolished sides and can comprise dopants. As a wide band gap semiconductor material, GaN provides higher efficiency and power density than conventional semiconductors at the device level. The LED epitaxial wafer based on GaN has benefits like size reduction, less power consumption, and affordable cost.

With the development of LED wafer manufacturing process, GaN LED epitaxial wafer is a complex multi-layer structure grown through epitaxy. LED epi wafer is widely used to produce electronic devices demonstrating superior performance, including blue, red, green or UV LED, LD, or other applications. The wavelength of our LED wafer production with green, blue or red emission ranges from 365nm to 870nm. LED wafer yield improves the output and efficiency of different products.

We focus on customers’ demands, offering LED wafer level packaging. Our LED wafer solutions are for commercial and research applications and new technology research and development.

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